Enjoy your next dream bedroom in Le Blanc

One of the main attractions of Le Blanc is the intimacy provided by the idiosyncrasy of the development itself. 22 exclusive villas for the recreation and relaxation of their owners in a gated community full of luxury. To this end, the villas have all kinds of resources: a rooftop solarium, whirlpool baths, infinity terraces, etc.

This perfect blend of entertainment and privacy is found in all the rooms, but it is especially in the bedrooms where this union becomes a reality. The bedroom, conceived as a temple of rest, is full of details to make the owners fall in love.

What you will find in the master bedroom

The Le Blanc villas are divided into three typologies but in all of them the master bedroom is the crowning glory on the top floor. The bedrooms have an open concept that flows out onto their private terraces. In all these typologies the master bedroom includes an en-suite bathroom and a dressing room.

The bedroom of the type A villas has 54.3 m2 including the bathroom, dressing room and private terrace. In the type B villas it is 52’2 m2; and in the type C villas it is 63 m2.

The space that makes the difference in the master bedroom is the terrace. None of these balconies in Le Blanc have a surface area of less than 15 m2, so their usability is skyrocketing. Although the views from the terraces will not be exactly the same in some villas as in others, the private terraces are a big plus in these spaces, and have become the backbone of the master bedroom.

Private terrace, en-suite bathroom and dressing room: the perfect bedroom

Getting up and going out onto the terrace to watch the sunrise or simply breathe in the Mediterranean breeze is one of the great pleasures at Le Blanc. But it is especially at night, when the large glass window that divides the balcony and the interior of the bedroom allows the light and colors to interact with the elements outside, making this room sparkle like a jewel.

The private terrace extends into the bathroom area, allowing the owners to continue to enjoy the overwhelming scenery. However, if in addition to this breathtaking view of Marbella we find other dreamy elements, such as a comfortable bathtub and a double basin with mirrors reflecting this incredible place, the luxury of this bathroom is elevated to a whole new dimension.

Special attention should be paid to the spacious dressing rooms, finished to the highest standards and with plenty of storage space. Who hasn’t dreamed of a spacious and perfectly organized dressing room for their clothes? In Le Blanc you have it. This 8-10m2 space is the perfect touch of glamour that envelops the atmosphere of the master bedroom.

In short, the bedroom at Le Blanc is the pearl of each of the villas: usability and design united in a single room and enhanced to the maximum. A corner of intimacy and relaxation within a residential complex with unrivalled views.