Live in Le Blanc: Marbella’s wealth and luxury


Marbella has established itself in recent years as one of the tourist destinations par excellence in Spain. Its beautiful beaches and mountains attract citizens from many different countries, but only a privileged few can enjoy Marbella all year round. Owning a property on the Costa del Sol has become a luxury: it is, along with the Costa Brava, the coastal area with the most sought-after square meter in Spain.

Le Blanc Marbella, located in the Sierra Blanca area, offers a total of 22 private villas designed for the comfort and enjoyment of their owners. This residential has, in addition to the possibility of personalizing your villa, some common landscaped spaces that will discourage you from leaving our complex.

Marbella, a melting pot of cultures with the purchasing power of Barcelona

The life’s quality in a place is not only measured by its environment (mountain, city, coast, etc.) or its security level, but rather that the level of income and the price of services are decisive when asking the question: How is the living there?

The first thing to know is the population living in the area. The data provided at the beginning of this year by the Marbella City Council reflect that the foreign population registered in the municipality has grown by 2723 people in the last year; 34% of them are British citizens.

Regarding the area’s purchasing power, we can highlight that it is very similar to that of Barcelona city. In addition, according to data collected by Numbeo, Marbella has a cost of living 43% cheaper than recognizable cities such as New York. Considering that this estimate includes the usual expenses (except the cost of the property or the rent),  living on Marbella’s coast is pure luxury.

The luxury of Marbella’s economy

One of the most surprising differences compared to other municipalities or cities is the prices when eating out. A three-course meal for two in Marbella costs about 55 euros compared to 50 euros that it costs in Madrid; A cappuccino ranges from 1.80 euros in Barcelona and you can find it for 2.30 euros in Marbella.

In other words, when we talk about Marbella we are talking about exclusivity, even a slightly higher purchasing power than that of large cities in Spain. At our resort in Sierra Blanca, Le Blanc, we know what it is to be unique; that is why our villas try to satisfy all the needs of the residents.

In the report of Servicio Publico de Empleo Estatal (State Public Employment Service) it is stated that 86% of the jobs in the municipality depend directly on the service sector. This, added to the notable foreign population, has resulted in a complete integration, even of the media: there are currently local newspapers in other languages as German or English.

If you lean more towards culture, you cannot miss any of the events that take place every summer throughout the Marbella municipality. Exclusive concerts, the best dance clubs and its museums’ pieces conform to the perfect setting to attract all those who are keen on fine arts.

On the other hand, if what you like is shopping, you have to know that the cost of clothing is somewhat higher than in other coastal cities. For example, in Malaga city (about 65 km from Le Blanc) a pair of formal leather shoes is around 85 euros, while in Marbella it reaches 95 euros.

In short, if you are looking for a high-quality residential area with an unbeatable location between the sea and the mountains, Le Blanc is your place. You will be able to enjoy the passionate rhythm and high standard of Marbella without abandoning the comfort and luxury of a private villa.